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At Kui Co. Inc., our plastic injection molding department is equipped with modern and reliable molding machines, ranging from 25 ton to 165 ton. In addition, we possess a wide array of equipment that allows us to perform post molding operations to many of the parts that we mold for our customers.

Molding Machines:

  • Boy 55M

  • (3) Boy 25E, Procan Alpha2 Controller

  • Toshiba ISG 150N

  • Jinhwa Hi-Master AQSHOT 165M

  • Jinhwa Glotech DCV-70

  • (13) Battenfeld Plus 35, Unilog B2 Controller

  • (2) Battenfeld Plus 350, Unilog B2 Controller

Supporting Equipment:

  • Epilog Fusion 60 watt CO2, laser cutter/engraver

  • Sonics and Materials Model ET, sonic welder

  • Sonics and Materials Model 1080, sonic welder

  • Tampo Print Hermetic 6-12 universal pad printer

  • Tampo Print Hermetic 6-11 universal pad printer

  • Printex COS100 pad printer

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