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At Kui Co. Inc., we've invested heavily into inspection equipment that guarantees we have the ability to properly check our work. Our business is built on our commitment to delivering the highest possible quality products to our customers.

In addition to our coordinate measuring machines (CMM), moisture analyzers and digital scales, all of our key employees are issued a personal set of inspection equipment that is professionally calibrated on a yearly basis.

Inspection Equipment:

  • Micro-Vu Model FD-10, video measuring system

  • Micro-Vu Excel 502UC, automated video measuring system

  • Scienscope XT2000, video measuring system

  • Artec3D Spider, handheld 3D Scanner

  • Computrac MAX 2000XC, moisture analyzer

  • IQ9500 Digital Scale

  • Small inspection equipment includes a full range of professionally calibrated; micrometers, height gauges, indicators, and calipers

  • Other miscellaneous small tools for conducting critical measurements; thickness gauges, durometer gauges, temperature probes, and gauge blocks

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